At R.W. Harrold Watchmaker, all repairs are carried out in our onsite workshop. We believe in old fashioned service, watchmakers who know what they are talking about, providing FREE quotes and a face you can talk to.

Our services range from full servicing of your watch, restorations, glass repairs, batteries, seals and pressure testing, as well as band repairs. All repairs are carried out onsite to ensure quick and reliable service.

Some people assume having a battery changed in their watch is no big deal. However there are many things that we do here at R.W. Harrold Watchmaker that ensures your watch stays in top condition. For example, with every battery change we test the current consumption of your watch by reading its micro amps. This test is very important in establishing the health of your watch. This reading tells us how much energy your watch is consuming from the battery. Readings within factory specifications will maintain the normal battery life expectancy. A higher than factory specification reading means the movement is consuming more energy from the battery then is specified, therefore reducing the battery life. Instances where such a problem arises can be solved by a full service.

Only having the battery changed cannot guarantee that it is water resistant.

Here at R.W. Harrold Watchmaker we offer seals and pressure testing for water resistant watches rated at 50, 100, 150 and 200 meter resistancy (resistancy is rated on the back case of your watch). A water resistant rating on a watch is not a measure of depth, but the amount of pressure a watch can withstand before leaking. The resealing and pressure testing of your watch guarantees your watch is safe to swim in as rated on your watch. Seals that are replaced include button seals, crown seals (some crowns contain internal seals where the whole crown needs replacing) and back case seals (other seals, including glass seals, may incur an extra charge). With these brand new seals in place, we can then guarantee our pressure testing for 12 months and the watch is then water resistant as rated.

There are many other specialty services that we perform, including servicing all old-style mechanical wind-up/automatic watches and pocket watches.